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Sales and Service

Park Central Pools is Eastern Oklahoma County’s only full line Omniand Spa Essentials retail store. We keep more pool and spa products in stock than any other store in the area. Our product selection runs as deep as our knowledge.




We don’t believe in wasting your time with bait and switch tactics orselling inferior products. We only offer proven setups that we know workand last. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices and even cheaper products. Our above ground pool packages come with what you really want. We stock a full line of chemicals, accessories and parts you need foryour pool. There’s no reason to go anywhere else for any of your pool needs!We are an authorized distributor of Omni Pool Chemicals and are dedicated to selling quality products. Park Central Pools will take great of care of your pool or spa so youcan enjoy it instead of working on it! You will get priority placement onany service calls. We can perform service weekly, every other week, monthly or even just pool sit while you are on vacation.